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Iran’s Potentials in Tourism

15 UNESCO World Heritage sites        

10th Country on Tourism Attractions and 5th on Ecotourism

• One of  the rich countries of the cultural places, ecotourism sites and historical monuments which called the cradle of civilization in other way the history of theCountry  goes back to 7000 written history• An array of museums

• A myriad of ecotourism opportunities

• Numerous religious sites

• Affordable healthcare services

• Extensive bus network and air and rail infrastructure in the country


The five stars Hotel of Gathering Center
Cultural and Sportive Complex
Ski Piste of Meidan Area
Airport International Hotel

Project List

1.The Five Stars Hotel of International Gathering Center of Isfahan 

2.A Recreational, Trading, Cultural and Sportive Complex VeA Town 

3.The Four Star Hotel of «Dreams Land» 

5.Shahid- Keshvari five star Hotels and Motel 

6.ZarrinShahr Tourist Village 

7.Tourist Camp of Khafr Village 

8.Ski Piste of MeidanArea 

9.Hakim Houses 

10.Maranjab Caravanserai 

11.Development of Domestic Terminal Isfahan Shahid-Beheshti Airport 

12.Development of Isfahan International Airport of Shahid-Beheshti 

13.Airport Hotel-Isfahan International Airport of Shahid-Beheshti 

14.Tehran Hotel & Shopping Center ****