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Company Registration in Iran

Documentation and procedures company established in Iran

Limited liability company (Ltd)

Co., Ltd is a company that has been formed between two or more people for business affairs  And Each of the partners is divided, without capital stock or stock parts Only up to the amount of capital the Company responsible for the debts and obligations of the company (D. 94 AH d)
The name of the company must include (Ltd) indicating the As well as the Company name implies none of the partners should be And Ella shared that his name in the Company Name And Ruling against third parties in the partnership will be a sponsor partner (D. 95 AH d).

Similarities and differences between private companies and limited liability

The number of partners in a limited liability company and joint-stock company Number of shareholders at least 2 at least 3 persons.

2. The minimum registered capital for limited liability companies and joint stock one million rials.

3 private firm must be at least 35% of assets in cash and certificates of deposit in one of the banks concerned and 65% shareholders Drthd Is. Total investment in the limited liability company must CEO and Managing Director Aqrarbh receive delivery and bank certificate Evidence that this is not necessary.

4. Selection of main and alternate auditor firm Limited Liability Company Joint Stock compulsory but optional.

5 Management Joint Stock Company for a maximum of two years, which is renewable and limited liability company managers for Elected indefinitely and will also be the choice offered to executives in the company's charter stipulates that period.

6 Choose a firm widely circulated newspaper advertisements calling for joint stock companies required special lessons and in company Ltd is optional.

7 Qualifying quorum public Drmjam limited partnership interests in the limited liability company easier and according to the type of company problems Is more.

8 public private firm by the Board of Directors composed of a Chairman and two supervisors and one secretary of the Shareholders elected public limited liability company. The Company is managed by the Board will be Nzardrsvrty The number of associates that are more than 12 people.

9 Bamsyvlyt Joint Stock Company and Limited Company in the capital increase is optional.

10 Capital Ltd stock or stock parts can not be divided and the partners only up to the amount of capital the company responsible Debts and obligations are.

11 managers must necessarily Joint Stock Company shareholders or the number of shares specified in the Articles of Association provide collateral and fund Leave. Managers Ltd as an obligation or duty that are selected from among the partners or from outside of duty Will.

12 dividend in proportion to the number of shares in the Joint Stock Company Ltd will be divided in proportion to the investment partnership The limited liability company can be established in the statute otherwise have to dividend.

13 the right to vote in the Joint Stock Company Ltd in proportion to the number of shares in the capital.

14 Calendar of non-cash its share of the limited liability company by the partners in the partnership will be particularly responsible Are. Calendar of non-cash brought in joint-stock company will be the official experts.


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